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Career in Escort service


If you want to earn money through online escort service we introduce the best platform for the girls who wants huge money and make career in escort service, We welcome those high class educated beautiful girls to our escort business.

Are you in sort of money?

Or all you want is to earn easy money and have fun at the same time?

Do you enjoy having sex?

Or do you love “Traveling”?

If anyone of the above reasons is why you searched for CAREER IN ESCORT, ESCORT JOBS, CALL GIRL JOBS etc.

Then you are on the very right place.

If you are a passionate girl who wants to start her career in this highly growing professional field and earn money the fastest way you have the perfect place to start with.

Beside of earning huge money you will get chances to visit places of the country and even out of country with our esteemed clients.

If you are that good and lucky you may receive precious gift from them.

All you have to do is to get in our contact at the provided contact numbers and send your 2-3 latest pictures.

Why our agency

If you are seriously looking for a job as an escort you are most welcome in our agency. We not only offer you a highly paid job but also helps you to take your first step. As we all are aware that being an escort or a call girl is not an easy thing, it needs a lot of dedication and courage. And we here are to support and make you learn the exact work of an escort like how to serve the client, how to treat with them and what kinds of demands may be raised by the clients and how to deal with those, and to protect you from those fraudulent agencies to avoid losses you can bear and molestation you can get, agencies where they not only take the high percentage of your income but also molest you.

We here in our agency career in escort service promise you to be very genuine in our work and give you the perfect income, friendly and comfortable environment.

Our facilities

When a girl starts to work as an escort it becomes important for everyone of them to maintain their lifestyle well according to the demand of the industry and stick to that schedule strongly.

Beside of offering you good money and a friendly environment there are so many other advantages which we give to our girls.

  • Security

We do not send our girls anywhere and everywhere and anyone. We do not believe in entertaining any client unless we know them personally or he is our old customer.

We make sure that we are giving our assets to a trustworthy person.

We believe in using protection no matter what so that our girls can be sexually safe from STDs.

We do not force to go with any client if you do not wish to go with someone.

We are highly responsible for our employee’s security therefore we do not spread the pictures of our girls who are not comfortable for it.

  • Accommodation

We provide a very comfortable and homely place to live for the girls who wants to live with us absolutely free. for those who join our agency and want to make their career in escort.

A homely environment, where you would be free to live as you want, without any restrictions, Other than some important rules to make career in escort service.

Air conditioned rooms with attached toilets and that too with only girls.

  • Food

Quality food time to time will be available for you that too for free. You can also express your wish for eating anything. We take care of wishes of our girls so that they could also return the favour by being sincere in their job.

  • Payment

We have two payment procedures:-

  • 1) contractual basis- In which you will have to work on a contract for decided no. Of days and no. Of times in a day at a decided amount of package.
  • 2) Half half basis- In which you will get the half amount of money you earned for every work.

You can choose any of the payment process according to your wish and whichever suits you.

You do not have to worry about the payment if you want we can give you advance too to make you sure that you are in the right hand. And take a decision to make career in escort service.

Other than these facilities there are many more which you will come to know once you start working with us.

NOTE:- we also provides pick drops and air tickets if you are coming for another city.


Contact us

We believe that we have convinced you very well to join our agency and work with us and make huge money. So please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us anytime to talk and take more information and clear your all doubts, So that you can join us as soon as possible.

We eagerly waiting for you to work with us and earn as much as you want.

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